Admissions open from FS1 to year 7

Our British curriculum prepares our children for a complex, challenging and competitive future. We cater for children from Early Years Foundation Stage to Year 6, and in September 2019 we will expand to Year 7.

We are located in Dubailand Residence Complex, next to the Villa. Click here for more details on our school fees.


We are OPEN every Saturday in September 10am – 2pm and Tuesday Evening 17th of September, 5pm – 7.30pm

  • The Aquila School has been rated as Outstanding by British School Overseas (BSO) across all areas of assessment. To be graded as Outstanding this early on in a school’s operation is very rare, if not unheard of.
  • ‘Amazing Learning’ is our core purpose. Wherever you think your child might be in any subject or area, we assure you that they will do better than you can ever imagine possible
  • As a new purpose-built school our brand new facilities include fantastic sports and design technology provisions with environmental features such as a hydroponics farm and animals.
  • Our teachers are all native English speakers, passionate about learning and with years of UK and international experience.
  • Music and the Arts are very important to us – every child will have the opportunity to sing regularly and to learn to play an instrument.
  • The Senior Leadership have local and global expertise elevating the accreditation of their previous schools.
  • Our school is operated by International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global family of 40 schools, which ensures outstanding international learning connections, quality assurance and excellent governance.
An Outstanding BSO Education

The Aquila School is very proud to announce that it has been rated as Outstanding by British School Overseas (BSO) across all areas of assessment. To be graded as Outstanding this early on in a school’s operation is very rare, if not unheard of.

“Our team work tirelessly to ensure that every child makes as much progress as possible and is genuinely empowered to make decisions about their own learning. We are delighted that – within our first year of operation – we have been given the very highest rating possible from British School Overseas. Their recognition of the relevance of our engaging curriculum and commitment to progress, while ensuring that children are safe and happy, are a fitting testament to the excellent work of our committed and talented staff. Visitors to our school often comment on the happy community atmosphere, saying that the school is welcoming and has an established feel, and it is fantastic that the inspection team have also recognised this.” Wayne Howsen, Principal.

What do the parents have to say?
Meet our Teachers

Our creative curriculum combines science, maths, technology and the arts as part of a broader enquiry-based curriculum, to encourage dialogue, problem-solving and critical thinking.
design and food
Our curriculum incorporates
food technology and design
technology – children make
things, take things apart, and
discover how things work!
Our Learning Community
A warm and caring learning community - our close relationships with families and the community is what sets us apart from other schools.
sports and
Children enjoy access to some of the best sports facilities in Dubai, including large sports halls, swimming pools, an astro pitch, a dance studio, and shaded outdoor play areas.
Our Curriculum
“An education for the future”

Our curriculum prepares our children for a complex, challenging and competitive future. We value linking learning in all subjects together so that the curriculum is engaging, relevant and interesting to the community we serve.

We value enquiry based, ‘real’ learning – where every child develops a design thinking mindset – a structured approach to learning collaboration, creativity and problem solving. Such activities challenge the children to take risk, think and become resilient, independent learners.

A message from our Principal

Having worked in the UAE for seven years and now entering my twenty first year as a principal, I am excited by the unique opportunity to employ brilliant and experienced teachers and create an amazing school.

We believe in providing students with ‘amazing learning’, helping children to learn to levels that amaze them and to inspire them to be successful now and equip them to be successful later. We want Aquila children to be resilient, independent, thoughtful and caring individuals, well equipped for future work and life experiences.

Visitors to our school are struck by the sense of community and the buzz of amazing learning.

Come and be AMAZED!

Wayne Howsen

Amazing Learning

The Aquila School in Dubai embraces the individuality of every learner. We support learning through a robust, student-focused curriculum, and enriching extra-curricular activities. The Aquila School focuses relentlessly on each child’s ability to amaze.

Learning is about getting better, academically, socially and emotionally. Amazing Learning happens when students surprise themselves by getting better to a level beyond which they thought possible.

Whether through mentoring, enrichment or personalised study, the Aquila School recognises and nurtures each student’s gifts and talents so that they amaze themselves and inspire others.

To do this, we are committed to:

  • Placing children at the heart of everything we do
  • Empowering children to make decisions about their own learning
  • Providing an amazing curriculum in English and Arabic
  • Employing the very best British trained and qualified teachers
  • Ensuring every child makes as much progress as possible

An appreciation of the local environment

The Aquila School believes that providing children with an eco-friendly environment will instil a sense of responsibility towards the world. We offer unique environmental initiatives not provided by any other school in Dubai, including:

  • A hydroponics farm where children will be able to cultivate fruit and vegetables and will be encouraged to develop healthy eating habits;
  • Animals such as parrots and chickens.

Children will gain an understanding that much of what has been grown can be eaten and enjoyed. Such unique, hands-on learning experiences enhance and embed classroom learning. The learning environment at The Aquila School celebrates our best use of natural resources and how we might grow and develop a sustainable life to enrich our local communities.

Some of the best facilities in Dubai
As a new school, we are privileged to have a range of brand new, world-class facilities and activities that have been designed to enrich children’s learning experiences
  • Two heated and chilled swimming pools, with weekly swimming lessons from FS1.
  • An auditorium that can be used for a range of events, from assemblies to music and theatre performances.
  • Two large multi-purpose sports halls and a multi-purpose astro pitch.
  • Spacious, well-resourced classrooms, filled with natural light, providing excellent conditions for learning.
  • Music, art and dance studios, and specialist music teachers ensure all children have the opportunity to learn the instrument of their choice.
  • Dedicated food technology/cookery and design technology rooms.
  • Technology such as Chromepads, Chromebooks and interactive panels for classroom use across the curriculum.
  • A large library housing thousands of books to encourage children to develop a love of reading and to support their learning.
  • Age-appropriate shaded play areas across the campus.
  • In-house canteen providing a daily choice of healthy nutritious meals.
  • An on-site café (The Parrot Café), open to staff and families, contributes to the open, warm and friendly environment, nurturing our school community.
  • A state-of-the-art Hydroponics Farm

Our Learning Community

Our children and their families tell us that they feel part of a caring and encouraging community. We not only support the personal development of every child; we also provide an excellent academic programme that offers our children a broad and rich curriculum with a wide range of opportunities and experiences. As a school, we value the importance of the home-school partnership and we encourage families to be part of their child’s educational journey.

Our families see our school as an extension of their home, it is a place where our children feel valued and listened to as well as part of a learning community that supports them in achieving their dreams and ambitions.

Children learn in ways that amaze them, and you


We are part of a global family of schools

The International Schools Partnership is a focused, growing and financially secure group of schools located within 8 countries in Europe, The Americas, The Middle East and Southeast Asia. All our schools:

  • Help children and students learn to levels that amaze them;
  • Inspire children and students to be successful now and equip them to be successful later;
  • Are truly international, working in partnerships within and across regions, cultures and languages;
  • Aim to be the first choice for children, students and their families, wherever we are.
Real Learning, Real Skills, Real Possibilities.

School fees

We are currently offering all families founders discounts for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic years. As an additional benefit, assessment fees have been waived.

Our school fees start from 38,250AED (FS1) and can be paid as an annual payment or in three instalments.

We offer competitive sibling discounts for second and subsequent children (speak to our team for more info).

We believe in supporting our parents in order for them to afford the best schooling for their children. Please visit us to discuss our payment plans and discounts.

Contact us

The Aquila School is located in Dubailand Residential Complex, 5 Minutes from The Villa, 10 Minutes from Silicon Oasis, 15 Minutes from Arabian Ranches, 20 Minutes from Mira Town Square/Damac Hills and Mirdiff and 25 minutes from Remraam community.

We also offer a monitored bus service across many areas of Dubai.